CarX Drift Racing 2: Новый год 2020

In December, with the support of the manufacturer of innovative engine oils RIXX, two Top-32 championships were held, the participants of which competed for impressive prizes: Xbox One game consoles and Dualshock 4 gamepads.

As you may have noticed, quite recently, among the available vinyls, a new logo of RIXX Russia, a French manufacturer of motor and industrial oils, appeared in the «Sponsors» section. Rixx is an actively developing company that actively supports motorsport. This year, the company’s riders took part in 2 stages of the RDS South and 1 stage of the Sochi Drift Challenge. And so, to celebrate our partnership, the CarX team, together with Rixx, have prepared a special and very special New Year’s contest for our community subscribers! The Test Project is to prepare a short video based on the materials of CarX Drift Racing 2 dedicated to Rixx motor oils. It can be a commercial, a small story about a company, or even a New Year’s greetings! The limit is only your imagination.

CarX Drift Racing 2 Community
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